This is the site for the MoB Blood Bowl Local League.
The Star Players of M.O.B. Games is a fun league for coaches in or around the Lake Stevens, Washington area.

If your interested in joining contact me @ geekchefgaming@gmail.com

And now a thank you to our new sponsors followed by some classic artwork.

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Mar. 8th, 2021 - old news
New version, New Problems
Welcome back coaches, it has been far too long, Between Covid and fire, we certainly have had a rough year and with the Second Season dropping a few months ago, confusing as well.

I hope to close the current season by the end of the month if possible as things open up, the that leaves its own set off issues; namely "When is the next season?" and "Were will it be"

The short answer to both is: I don't know. I hope to open a discussion on our Facebook group, in hopes to draw a consensus among you all. However in the mean time I will reviewing the rules for the new Blood Bowl Edition and revising some of the Leagues rules to match the new rule set.

We are all new to Second Season so I am expecting some bumps in the learning curve to hit everyone at some point. There are more then a few subtile changes to how some things work or interact, so please re-read the main rule book and talk things out to the best of your ability if I am not available to help on a rule dispute. The two most important things here are: be consistent in whatever is decided over how a rule works and remembering we are here to have fun.

On that note I will try to set a longer preseason so we can get used to how things work now together and troubleshoot any issues before the season starts properly.

Good night everyone and stay safe
- GeekChef
Dec. 12th, 2019 - old news
House rules update effective Season 13
House Rules Update,

Effective season 13 and going forward the lazy apothecary rule will remain in effect with some slight modification. I hereby name the mechanic the “Dave’s School of Healing”.

Dave’s School of Healing: An apothecary may be used either at the time of the injury or in the post match sequence. The apothecary May not be used after the injury has been resolved and during a later turn/kick-off before the match has ended. Additionally, should the injury cause a player death that will result in the opposing team gaining a new player(for example: a Zombie for a Shambling Undead team) or in the instance the player has a bounty. The apothecary use must be decided at the time of the injury being resolved or not at all.
- Matt
Oct. 31st, 2019 - old news
League Review
The time has come for a periodic review of league format and general interest.
We are twelve seasons and three years into the league and it is always prudent to get a gauge of the participants. Particularly now that we have a largely different roster of coaches than when we started.

There will be a series of polls over the next few months and coaches will have two weeks to respond to a poll. One answer per coach is requested.
- Matt
Oct. 7th, 2019 - old news
Active Team Cleanup
I have gone in and set all teams that are not actively playing in a season to 'retired' status.

If any coach wants to use a retired team in a future season they will need to contact a commissioner to reactivate the team.

There were a lot of active teams not seeing action. That list needed cleaning up.
- Matt
Oct. 7th, 2019 - old news
Season 12 Sponsor
Coaches and players. Lend me thine ears.
Season twelve is looming on the horizon and many of you would like to know what that entails. What trappings or trials await your return to stadium and pitch?
Answers are available if you tune into your favorite Cabalvision channel hosted by ABC.
After intense and (largely) bloodless negotiations we have a new sponsor for this season. ABC (Associated Broadcasting Conjurers) has generously agreed to channel all the carnage straight to viewers homes for a nominal pay per view fee.
This season is host to the ABC (Associated Broadcasting Conjurers) Cup.
ABC is one of the longest running Cabalvision networks, popular with home viewers for its heady mix of sports coverage, light entertainment, programming for younger viewers, and exclusive access to gala events and celebrity awards ceremonies.
It truly is quite awful!
ABC hosts its own tournament annually in Nuln, the city made famous by its Engineering school and its young, limelight-loving Elector Countess, Emmanuelle von Liebwitz. It is always a star studded affair, with many red carpet appearances from sports stars and famous personages of the various arts popular in the Old World, from playwrights and poets to wandering players and troubadours. The fans tune in in huge numbers to see who's who and who they're with in the VIP boxes.
Special Rules for the ABC Cup (found din Spike Magazine issue 3)
During teh end of season play-off semi-finals and finals games, the team that wins the FAME will count as having that many extra Cheerleaders during that game (+1 or +2), to represent the additional support they gain from fair weather fans impressed by seeing the players rubbing shoulders with celebrities.
Prizes: As well as the standard financial bonuses for winning or placing in the league, the winning team will gain a bonus +1 FAME, up to a maximum of +3, for the first D3 games of the next standard league season they play in, representing a flood of new fans who quickly lose interest once normal campaigning is resumed and celebrity gossip dries up. Make a note of this on the team's roster.
- Matt

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